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December 27, 2006
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"Beauty and the Beast (Kingdom Hearts Style)"

Once upon a time there was a prince that lived in a beautiful castle hidden behind the dark trees in the forest, just outside of a small town. The prince was very greedy and diden't care about anyone else, but just for himself. Everyone in the castle feared him.
One day an old begger woman  came to the castle and offered the prince a single rose if he would be kind
enough to let her stay in his castle as a shelter from the cold, bitter snow outside. The prince, being as greedy as always turned the woman down. Surprisingly the woman turned into an enchanted witch. The prince begged for her forgiveness, but it was to late. The witch turned him into a hideous beast. The single rose she had offered him had turned into an enchanted rose. The young witch known as Namine told the prince that if he could learn to love and be loved in return before the last petal falls on his twenty-first birthday, the spell would be broken. But if he failed, he would remain a beast forever.

Just outside of the forest at a small farm house, a girl walked outside with a book in hand. Her name was Kairi. She had long red, auborn hair and cerulean blue eyes. She walked into the small village just a few miles from her own house. Kairi greeted the people she knew and saw, but most of the townsfolk thought she was weird and would never talk to her. Kairi walked into her favorite place of all in the small town, the library. As she walked through the door, she was greeted by Wakka,
the owner of the small place. "Hello Kairi. Can I help you with anything." Wakka
asked as he walked closer to the girl. "Well, I'm just here to return the book I borrowed." Kairi answered as she handed Wakka
the book back and began shuffling through some books on the shelves. "Finished already?" Wakka
asked in a surprised voice as he stared at Kairi. "Oh yes, have you gotten anything new in yet?" Kairi asked as she continued to scan through the books. "Not since yesterday." Wakka
laughed. "Thats ok, I'll borrow, this one!" Kairi smiled. "That one? But you've read it twice." Wakka
announced as he smiled at the red head. "I know but it's my favorite one. Far off places, Daring sword fights, a prince in disguise." Kairi continued as her eyes were wide with excitement. "If you love it that much, it's yours." Said Wakka
with a smile. "Oh thank you!" Kairi yelled as she ran out the door.

She walked down the rode back to her farm house with her nose stuck in her book. Kairi loved to read and coulden't get enough of it. Most people thought it was weird for a girl to read so much. But Kairi diden't care. As she continued walking, someone took her book away. She looked up into familiar aqua-marine eyes. Those eyes belonged to Riku, the town hottie. Riku had long, silver hair and huge muscles everywhere on his body. Every girl loved him except Kairi. But Riku was determined to have Kairi as his wife. "Kairi how can you read this? There are no pictures. You should focuse on more important things Kairi. Like me." Riku explained as Kairi stole her book back and continued to walk down her rode. "It's not healthy for a girl to read. First she begins thinking, and then she gets ideas." Riku began. "Riku you are possitively prime evil." Kairi spoke in an agrevaited tone as she tried to escape Riku. "Why thank you Kai." Riku spoke in a manly tone. "Don't call me Kai! Only my father can call me that!" Kairi yelled. Riku's assistant nagger, Roxas, strolled up
to the two.
Roxas had baby, blue eyes and blonde hair that spiked up on his head like an icecream cone. Riku would constantly hit and pick on poor Roxas. Kairi honestly diden't know why the boy put up with it. "You mean Reno! That crazy old loon!" Laughed Roxas out loud. Riku joined in on the laughter. "Hey! Don't talk about my father that way!" Yelled Kairi in defense. "Yeah don't talk about her father that way!" Riku yelled, imediately stopping his laughing and hitting Roxas upside his head. Roxas just winced in pain. Kairi rolled her eyes and jumped when she heard a sudden popping noise. She turned to fined the house she lived in with smoke coming from the small windows. "Father!" She yelled out in concern, as Riku and Roxas continued laughing.

Kairi ran into her house not even worried about shutting the door. She saw her father, Reno, stretch out on the ground. He had long, red hair tied into a ponytale and small red markings under his lime green eyes.

Everone in the villiage thought Reno was crazy and Kairi knew thats where she got the names people called her from. "Stupid machine! It will never work!" Yelled Reno as he stood from the ground and pouted as he looked at his latest experiment up and down. "Yes it will. And you will become a world famous enventor." Kairi spoke, as she let her presence be known. "Oh Kairi, there you are. How has your day been?" Reno asked, as he picked up another tool and began his work again on the experiment. "Well I got a new book, but thats really it. Theres just not much for me to do in this town." Kairi explained. "Well why don't you hang out with that young man Riku?" Asked Reno as he fiddled with the screwdriver. "He's rude father! thats why!" Yelled Kairi. As she did so her father's machine began to work. "Father you did it!" Exclaimed Kairi as she stared in awe at her father's invention. "Well it's off to the fair!" Yelled Reno. He got his bags packed and saddled up their horse,
Feleap, and left for the fair. Kairi waved at her father as he disappeared into the forest.

Reno went deeper and deeper into the dark, unknown forest until he came across a road sign. It was so old and scratched up, that he coulden't make it out. He looked down both of the two paths and decided on one. As he started down the path he heard noises coming from inside the bushes. He then heard howling coming from up the hill. And just as he had feared a pack of wolves appeared, surrounding them. Reno gave Feleap
the signal to run and they took off away from the wolves. It was no use though. The wolves were catching up, fast. Suddenly Feleap stopped and Reno almost fell off. As he looked infront of him to see why the horse had suddenly halted, he gasped. They had come to a dead end at a cliff and the wolves were surrounding them fast. Feleap took off into the woods leaving Reno alone. Reno did the only thing he could do. He ran also. He looked behind him to see the wolves right on his tracks. While he was watching them he diden't see the huge metal gates infront of him and banged his head right into them. "Ugh!" Reno yelled as he stood up. He looked in relief at the gates and quickly ran in and shut the gates on the wolves just in time. He turned around and his eyes revealed to him, a huge, dark castle. Reno not thinking, figured maybe the owner woulden't mind if he stayed the night because of the on-going snowstorm. He opened the huge, black double-doors that led into the castle. He looked into the long hallway which was painted red and called out, "Hello!"
Nobody answered. He picked up a nearby burning candlestick. "Hello! Hello! Is anyone here?!" Reno began calling again. "Hello there." He heard a voice say, and it sounded very close. "Who said that?" Reno asked as he spun around in circles. "Over hear!" The voice called out again. He then felt a tap on his head. Reno looked up to reveal- "Hello!" It said. "Ahhh!" Yelled Reno as he dropped the candlestick. "Oh. Hey watch it!" The candlestick yelled out in pain. "Oh I'm so sorry." Apologized Reno. "Thats quite alright." The candlestick explained. "Do you think I could stay the night hear? I need a place to stay until the snowstorm passes." Asked Reno with teary eyes. "Why sure! You can stay!" Yelled out the candlestick. "No! No! No!" Yelled out another voice. Reno looked down to reveal a clock. "He cannot stay hear. The master will have our heads! You idiot! Have you learned nothing! " The appliance yelled. "He needs a place to stay Leon." Explained the candlestick. "No! Not here Cloud!" Leon, the clock yelled again. "Oh so your names are Cloud and Leon?" Asked Reno. "No! I just called him that because I like clouds. Yes thats his name!" Yelled the clock. "Oh I'm sorry." Reno tried to apologize. "Oh forget him. Come, warm yourself by the fire." Cloud said happily as the candlestick led him into a nice, warm room by the fire. Reno happily sat down in the huge, yet frightening chair. "No, not the master's chair!" Leon yelled, frightened to death by something. Just then a Teapot rushed over to Reno. "How about a nice cup of tea?"
Asked the teapot, as she began to poor tea into a small cup. "Why thank you." Reno said happily. As he took a sip, the cup began to laugh. " It
tickles Mama." The little cup laughed. "Oh, why hello there little cup." Laughed Reno. "Hi, I'm Tidus, and thats my Mama, Aerith." The little teacup explained to Reno. Just then the footrest that Reno had his feet on began to bark. As Reno reached down to pet it, he was stopped by the door suddenly bursting open.

Reno looked over his shoulder to reveal a huge beast. "Ahhh!" Yelled Reno as he jumped up from the chair. "What are you doing here!" Yelled the angry beast as it through Reno against the wall. Cloud, Leon, Aerith, and Tidus cowered in fear at the sight infront of them. "I'm sorry! I diden't know!" Yelled Reno in fear, as he was dragged off down the hallways.

Knock Knock. Kairi rolled her eyes as she saw Riku outside her door. "What do you want Riku?" She asked with disgust in her voice. "Kairi, I've been thinking." Riku began. "Wow! I'm so proud of you!" Yelled Kairi with sarcasim. "Not that! Kairi will you marry me?" Riku asked. Kairi was shocked  by his sudden out burst with this question. "Oh why Riku I don't know." Kairi studdered as Riku pushed her against the door to kiss her lips. "I don't deserve you." Kairi said calmly as she opened the door and Riku fell out. She slammed the door in is face and walked off. Roxas ran up the Riku who had his mouth filled with dirt from the fall. "How did it go?" Asked Roxas. Riku spit the dirt on Roxas and then grabbed his shirt collar. "I will have Kairi be my wife. Make  no mistake of that." Riku growled as he threw Roxas to the ground and walked off. Roxas soon followed after.

Kairi peeked outside. "Is he gone?" She asked one of the nearby chickens in her yard. She then stepped outside. "I can't believe that jerk asked me to marry him! I would never be his wife!" Yelled out Kairi with plenty of anger. She walked out to the cliff next to her farm house that gave a great veiw of the scenery around her house. She sat on the ground and pouted as she fumbled with a flower. But she was soon interrupted by her horse, Feleap. "Whats wrong Feleap? Where's my father?" Kairi asked. She quickly jumped onto Feleap's back and took off into the woods after her father. After going to where her horse had taken her, she found herself outside of a dark, spooky looking castle's gate. She opened the gate and began leading Feleap into the yard. She got of her horse and made her way to the castle's large double-doors. She opened them quietly and entered the castle. "Hello! Hello!" Kairi called out but there wasen't a single answer. She saw some stairs and began to creep up them, hoping to fined someone who would help her look for her father. But as she got closer she found her father. There was Reno locked in a very small cell. "Father! I've got to get you out of here!" Screamed Kairi. "No Kairi you must run away before he finds you!" Reno yelled, trying to push his headstrong daughter away. "Before who comes to get me? Who did this to you?" Asked Kairi concerned. "Kairi look out!" Yelled Reno. Kairi was then pushed hard against the wall by huge claws. "What are you doing here! Get out of my castle!" The beast yelled furiously at Kairi. "No! You have my father! Release him!" Yelled Kairi right back at the monsterous beast before her. "No! He is my prisoner!" The beast roared out. "He could be sick. He'll die if he stays here." Kairi tried to explain. "No.I can't let him go." The beast said calmly for the first time Kairi had heard. "Wait. Take me instead." Kairi said comtemptly. "You! You... you would do that?" Asked the beast. "Yes." Kairi explained to him. "You must promise to stay here forever. You can never leave. You will be my prisoner." The beast said, hoping to get the point straight to her. "Step into the light." Kairi asked. She watched as the beast stepped into the light. He was covered with long dark, brown fur. Two horns were on the top of his head. He had a long tail and very sharp teeth. He wore only some ripped up black pants and a blue cape tied around his neck. But the one thing that stood out the most was his
cobalt blue eyes.
Kairi hid her face in the bars between her and her father and whispered the small word "Yes." "Done!" Yelled the beast, as he took Reno out of the cage and placed him into a device which led him home. "No Kairi!" Yelled Reno as the device carried him far away from his only daughter.

The beast walked down the hallway only to be stopped by the candlestick, Cloud. "Ah, master. Since the young lady will be staying here for quite a while, maybe you should offer her a nice bedroom instead of the tower." Explained Cloud. The beast just grunted at Cloud's request and walked back up to the tower. Kairi was crying, while she looked out of the tower window. The beast approached her. He felt bad for making her cry. He never really thought before he did his actions, and he would always regret the outcome. "Come with me and I'll show you to your room." The beast explained. "I umm get a room?" Kairi asked quietly. "Well, unless you want to stay in the tower." The beast said sarcastically. Kairi coulden't smile though. She hated this monster for what he had done to her and her father for that matter. The beast grabbed Cloud and lighted the way down the dark hallways with his flame. He opened Kairi's bedroom door for her. "Invite her to dinner." Cloud coaxed. "Come to dinner with me at 7:00. Thats not a request!" Yelled the beast as he slammed the door on her. Kairi just ran to her bed and started crying.

Just then Aerith burst into the room and filled Tidus up with tea. "Here you go miss." Aerith said as Tidus jumped into Kairi's hand. "But you guys are... you can is that possible?" Kairi Asked. "It's a long story honey." Aerith explained. Kairi took a liken to Tidus as he showed her a trick with her tea. "Oh by the way my name is Aerith and his is Tidus if you need us." Explained Aerith as she left Kairi's room. Kairi coulden't believe the appliances were talking. 'This must be an enchanted castle.' Kairi thought, but was soon interupted by a candlestick and a clock. "Hello there I'm Cloud and this is Leon. We are hear to invite you to dinner." Cloud explained. "Well nice to meet you both, but I'm not coming to dinner." Kairi said. Cloud and Leon both had scared faces but nonetheless left her room.  The beast was downstairs in his room pacing the floor. Cloud and Leon finally walked in and he did a half smile to them. "Well where is she?" The beast asked with an aggrevaited tone. "Well she.... umm....she not coming." Leon finally spit out. They could see the beast's face boil with anger as he yelled out, "What!" The beast tore out of his room and upstairs to Kairi's room. "I told you to come down to dinner!" The beast yelled. "No! I'm not hungry! And even if I where I woulden't eat with you anyway!" Kairi screamed. This hurt the beast alot, but he woulden't let her know that. "Either you come or I brake down the door!" Yelled the beast , rage becoming higher. "Please master, control your temper." Leon begged. "But shes being so difficult. How do you expect me to control myself?" The beast spat at the clock. "Just try master." Aerith suggested. The beast pouted but then whispered, "Will you come with me to dinner, please." "No!" Kairi yelled. "You can't stay in there forever! And if you don't eat with me, then you don't eat at all, so go ahead and starve!" The beast yelled with anger, as he ran down the stairs and into his own room, slamming the door.  

After a few hours Kairi snuck out of her dusty room and snuck into the kitchen. "At this rate we will never be human again if the master doesen't learn to control his temper." Cloud sighed. "Well it's the master's fault we are in this predicament in the first place." Leon said, very frustraited at the thought. "Um hello there. I was just trying to find something to eat. I'm awfully hungry." Kairi announced. "Aw yes deary, go set at the table and i'll cook you something right up." Aerith said with joy in her calm voice. "Remember what the master said." Leon began. "Oh pish posh. I'm not about to let the poor dear starve." Aerith replied to the clock with a disturbed tone toward the remark. "Oh fine. A glass of water and a crust of bread." Leon stated firmly. "Aw have a heart Leon." Cloud said as he got up on top of the table infront of Kairi. "Ok miss. Relax and enjoy, as the dining room proudly presents, your dinner." Cloud said, pointing over to her food. Kairi watched as the different kinds of foods flowed past her as Cloud introduced every kind with song. By the time he was done Kairi was quite full. "Oh thank you very much. But now I'm curious to see the whole castle." Kairi said with a sparkle in her eyes. "Oh yes I will give you a tour miss." Cloud announced as he waved for her to follow him. As Cloud and Leon led Kairi down the hall she noticed a small staircase that led to a dark looking door. "Whats down there?" Kairi asked as she walked up the stairs. "No! You can't go up there it's forbidden!" Yelled Leon. "Why? What does he have to hide?" Kairi asked. "But we have so many more rooms to visit. We have a parlor or the lounge, or maybe the library." Cloud studdered as he just threw out suggestions to the girl. "You have a library!" Kairi squealed. "Oh why yes! Right this way." Leon stated as he felt victorious. Kairi began to follow, but once Cloud and Leon were ahead she snuck into the room anyway. She looked around the dark room. The walls were scratched up and very dusty. Pictures had claw marks going through them. Cobwebs surrounded every still standing object. But the one thing that stood out the most to Kairi was the single red rose that was covered by glass in the center of the room. She made her way over to it quietly and removed the glass covering. She stuck up her hand and began to move it closer to one of the flowers petals. And just as she was about to touch it she was thrown against the wall. She opened her eyes to reveal cobalt blue ones. She knew who's they belonged to. "What are you doing in here!" The beast yelled. "I'm sorry, I diden't know." Kairi tried to confess. "Get out!" The beast yelled as he threw a table into a wall and it shattered. "Get out!" He repeated with more anger. Kairi ran as fast as she could out of the castle and jumped onto Feleap's back and tore out of the castle's gates. The beast stood there in his room with his hand over his forehead. He had done it again.

Kairi led her horse through the woods as fast as she could but soon found herself to be lost. And just then before her eyes a pack of very hungry wolves appeared. Kairi gave Feleap the signal and they took off again. But as they kept running the wolves caught up. Eventually Kairi came to a dead end. The wolves surrounded them and began snapping at Feleap's feet. He then reared up sending Kairi to the ground. She grabbed the closest object she could fined, which happened to be a stick, and began to swing it at the wolves. But one wolf grabbed ahold and snapped it in two. Kairi backed away and put her hand over her face as she gasped out with fear. But suddenly she heard a familiar roar. She looked up to see the beast, fighting the wolves. He was fighting to save her. The wolves continued to bite and scratch the beast. He eventually found the alfa-male and threw him into a tree. And as he cowered off with fear the other wolves followed. The beast turned around to face Kairi but blacked out from the pain. Kairi put him on top of Feleap and carried him back to the castle.

"Now hold still this is gonna sting." Kairi warned. She was trying desperately to put cold water on the beast's badly torn arm, but he was putting up a hard battle. "Ahhhh!" The beast yelled in pain, as the cold cloth hit his painful arm. "That hurt!" He yelled. "Well if you would stop moving it woulden't hurt as much!" Kairi yelled back in defense. "Well if you woulden't have run away this woulden't have happened." The beast smiled slyly. "Well if you woulden't have scared me I woulden't have run away." Kairi smiled back. "Well you shoulden't have been in the west wing." The beast said triumphantly. "Well you should control your temper." Kairi spoke one final time. The beast thought, but nothing else came to mind, so he just pouted. Kairi looked up at his cobalt blue eyes and gathered up the courage to speak again. "Thank you for saving me back there." She whispered hoping he diden't hear her. "Your welcome." She heard a calm voice say. She barely recognized it as his because of the sweet tone he had toward her. She looked up to see him smile at her. Kairi smiled to herself, but one question still wandered around her curious mind. "Umm, if you don't mind my asking, whats your name?" Kairi asked as she closed her eyes, somehow thinking that would make him not yell at her. "My name is Sora." The beast spoke up. "Sora.......thats a beautiful name." Kairi smiled at him. For some reason his very mean temper diden't seem to matter to Kairi anymore. Cloud, Leon, and Aerith just smiled upon this event before them.

"I can't believe this. No one says no to Riku!" Riku yelled as he pointed in the air. "Your darn right they don't." Roxas spoke up as he brought Riku a beer.  "Dimissed, disgraced, publicly humiliated, why it's more than I can bare." Riku spoke up. "More beer?" Roxas asked. "What for! Nothing helps." Riku pouted in his weirdly made chair. "Riku, you've got to pull yourself together." Roxas spoke. Riku just looked at Roxas with an angry face. Roxas broke out into song with the other bar attenders with different things about Riku. But as they finished Reno broke into the building. "Help me please! Kairis been stolen by a huge beast!" Reno yelled. Everyone in the bar made fun of poor Reno and threw him back into the street. "Crazy old Reno!" Roxas laughed out loud. "Crazy old Reno, Crazy old Reno. Roxas i've been thinking. Kairi would do anything for her father. If we threaten to put him into the insane assylum, she would do anything to get him back. So thats when I tell her that if she marrys me I can get him out." Riku smirked. Roxas just smiled along with Riku's evil plan.

Kairi bent down giving the bird infront of her the seeds that were in her hands. Sora watched with interest as she did so. Kairi put seeds in his paws and watched as he put them up to the birds but only scared them off. Kairi giggled and showed him how to do it the right way. She watched as his face lit up when the birds started eating out of his paws. Kairi then had this feeling inside of her that she coulden't explain. It was coming from her heart and she only felt that way when she was around Sora. She turned around to see him covered with birds. She laughed to herself but then hit him with a snowball. He looked at her with a confused face. He then, with his huge claws scrapped up a huge snowball. He picked it up over top of his head but then was hit again by another one of Kairi's little snowballs sending his huge one on his head also, making him tumble to the ground. He then began chasing her around the tree. They came back inside and sat at the huge table across from each other as both were served a bowl of soup. Sora, being his untidied self just threw his face into the food. Kairi stared at him awkwardly as she sipped the soup with her spoon neatly. Sora realized this and tried to use his spoon but, the soup just fell onto his face. Kairi laughed but picked up her bowl and began to drink it. Sora smiled at her and did the same. After they were done eating Sora told her he had a surprise for her. " Close your eyes." He smiled. She looked at him weird but did as she was told. He waved his claws infront of her face to make sure she diden't blink. He then grabbed her small hand that was very teenie compared to his huge paws as he led her into a dark room. "Can I open them now?" Kairi asked Sora. "Not yet." Was his simple reply. He opened up both curtains in the large room, lighting it up brilliantly. "Ok now." Sora spoke to her. Kairi opened her eyes and was taken back by the sight before her. It was a huge library. There were millions upon millions of books. Kairi had never seen so many books in her entire existence. "Do you like it?" Sora asked sorda worried. "I love it!" Kairi smiled brightly at Sora. "Then it's yours." Sora said happily. "Oh thank you!" Kairi squealed. Sora just smiled at the happy girl.

"So let me get this straight. You want me to take Reno to the insane asylum unless Kairi agrees to marry you?" The weird man asked Riku and Roxas. The man who was known as Rude smiled viciously at them. "I like it!" He yelled happily. Riku and Roxas exchanged glances. Riku stood up and walked Roxas over to Kairi's house. "Come get me when both of them come back." He said to Roxas and just left him there in the bitter cold. Roxas just grunted and did what he was told.

Kairi made her way down one of the staircases that led to the ballroom. She knew Sora would be on the other side. She had on a beautiful yellow dress and her red, auborn hair was neatly done up with a big yellow ribbon. She loved how she looked. As for Sora, he was walking down the other staircase on the opposite side of Kairi's that led to the ballroom. Sora was so nervous but yet happy at the same time. He smiled big and his cobalt eyes grew huge when he saw Kairi approach. He walked down the stairs and laced his arm with hers. They walked to the center of the ballroom and then stopped. Kairi took Sora's paw and placed it on her side. Sora gulped as she did this. She then put her hand on his shoulder and they laced the other two. They then slowly started dancing. "Ah this is such a wonderful sight, to see the master so happy and so different." Cloud said happily. "Yes the master is different." Leon smiled. "After all this time the masters finally learned to love." Aerith smiled warmly as she watched the two dance. "Then thats it, the spell is broken!" Cloud yelled. "I'm afraid it's not that simple. Kairi must love him in return." Aerith sighed. Cloud and Leon exchanged glances and sighed also."Whats happening Mama?" Tidus asked. "Nothing dear, off to the cupboard." Aerith smiled. "But I'm not sleepy." Tidus fought back. " Yes you are." Aerith said as Tidus hopped away from them to go to the cupboard. Afterwords Aerith began a song to sing for the couple dancing.

Tale as old as time.
True as it can be.
Barely even friends,
then somebody bends,
Just a little change.
Small to say the least.
Both a little scared.
Neither one prepared.
Beauty and the Beast.

Aerith stopped her singing as the two walked out of the ballroom. Sora took Kairi up to the west wing and they stood on the balcony together. "Are you happy here?" Sora asked Kairi as they looked into the moonlight. Kairi diden't answer right away, but sighed instead. "Well I just miss my father, and I wish I could see him." Kairi sad very sadly. "There is a way." Sora replied to her. He picked up a mirror on the table with the rose. "Look into the mirror and tell whom you want to see." Sora explained to her. "I'd like to see my father, please." Kairi said. The mirror flashed a bright light and then showed Reno to Kairi. He was walking through the snowstorm alone and looked very sick. "My father, oh no he could die like that!" Kairi yelled with fear. Sora looked at the mirror also and lowered his fluffy head. "Then you must go to him." He said very sadly. "What?" Kairi asked with a bit of concern. "I'm setting you free. You are no longer my prisoner." Sora stated. "Thank you so much!" Kairi yelled gleefully, as she handed Sora back his mirror. "No, you keep it so you can always look back and see me." Sora smiled. Kairi hugged Sora and then rushed out of the room. Sora sat there in his room alone as he watched Kairi run away from him, never to see her again. "Aww master, how are things going?" Leon asked in a sing-song voice. "I let her go." Sora replied sadly. "Aww yes I see- wait, you what!" Leon screamed with fear. "I had to." Sora said again. "Yes master, but why?" Leon asked. "Because, because I love her Leon." Sora sad very sadly as Leon watched a tear fall from the beast's eyes.

"He What!" Yelled Aerith, Tidus, and Cloud. "Yes." Was all Leon could say. "After all this time, the master has finally learned to love, and now he's learned how to give it away." Aerith smiled sadly. The appliances bowed their heads. There was no hope of being human again now.

Kairi rushed to her father who was unconscious. She brought him back to their house and warmed him up. "Kairi, Kairi your ok!" Yelled Reno happily as he hugged his daughter. "It's ok father, I'm home." Kairi smiled back to him warmly. "Oh but what about that horrable beast?" Her father asked with wide eyes. "Oh father he's not that way anymore. He's now very gentle and-" but Kairi was interrupted by a knock at the door. She got up to answer it and her eyes met with Rude's as she opened the door. "Can I help you?" Kairi asked with concern. "Why yes we are here for your father. Don't worry we'll take good care of him." Rude smiled with an evil grin. Kairi glanced over at the carriage in her yard and gasped. "My fathers not crazy!" She yelled out. "Yeah right he was ranting and raving about a beast!" Roxas laughed. The people pulled her father out of the house and threw him into the carriage. "Please stop!" Kairi yelled. Riku was in the corner of the yard smiling. "Oh Riku you believe me don't you?" Kairi asked as she grabbed Riku's arm. "You know Kairi I might be able to clear up this little predicament if...." Riku began. "If what?" Kairi asked worried. "If you agree to marry me." Riku said firmly. "No, never!" Kairi yelled. "Come on Kairi, it's only one little word." Riku coaxed. "Look, my fathers not crazy and I can prove it!" Kairi yelled as she lifted up the mirror. "Show me the beast!" She yelled to the mirror. The mirror glowed and then did it's request. There was the beast infront of everyone's eyes. Everyone gasped. "Will it hurt us?" A random women asked. "No he would never hurt anyone! He's actually very nice, and sweet, and kind." Kairi explained as she hugged the mirror close. "If I'm not mistaken i'd say you had feelings for this monster." Riku spoke up. "He's not monster Riku, You are!" Kairi yelled. "Shes as crazy as the old man! Lock them both up! The beast will hunt you down and kill your children!" Riku yelled with hand motions. "We cannot rest until this beast is dead!" Yelled Riku out loud as he grabbed a torch and jumped upon his horse to lead the way to the beast's castle. Kairi and Reno were thrown into their own basement. "Kill the beast!" Riku yelled as he vanished into the woods.

Kairi tried to brake down the door by hitting it with a stick but it woulden't budge. Just then Reno heard his experiment outside crank up. He peeked out the whole in the basement door to see it headed for them. "Back away Kairi!" Reno yelled as he grabbed his daughter. The machine chopped the door open to the basement also distroying  the machine. "You guys have got to try this sometime." Kairi heard a familiar voice say. She looked up to see Tidus hanging from one of the broken wires. "Tidus! How... nevermind!" Kairi yelled as she jumped out of the basement and onto Feleap. She grabbed Tidus and her father and took off into the woods toward Sora's castle.

"Master, intruders are coming to the castle with weapons!" Leon yelled to Sora who was still mourning over his loss. "Let them come, it doesen't matter anymore." Sora simply replied. Leon made his way back downstairs where all the other appliances where readying themselves for attack. Riku gave the orders outside of the castle's doors and with one hit they broke down the large door and entered the castle. "Everybody take what you can, but the beast is mine!" Yelled Riku. Roxas grabbed a nearby candlestick and began walking toward the staircase when the candlestick yelled, "Now!" All the appliances started attacking the people. Roxas dropped the lamp in horror and ran. Riku watched with awe as everyone was being attacked by usual household appliances. He snapped out of it and began to walk through the hallways. Everyone else screamed and was being attacked. Finally Roxas gave the retreat signal and the townsfolk fled from the castle. Cloud, Leon, and Aerith all cheered as the people ran away with fear.

Riku continued to make his way down the hallway checking each room as he went. He then spotted a huge door ahead of him. He opened it with caution and then he saw him. There was the beast he had been searching for. He was standing there on the balcony with tears falling from his eyes. "Come on beast fight!" Yelled Riku. Sora just moaned to himself as he turned back around. Riku saw the tears in his eyes. "What kind of beast cries? You monster! You don't have feelings!" Riku yelled. He pulled out an arrow and shot Sora in the shoulder. Sora roared out in pain as it hit. He took his huge claws and tore the arrow out and then grabbed Riku's shirt and threw him against the wall. But Riku came back at him and pushed him off the balcony. They both tumbled across the castle's shingles. Riku stood and started kicking the beast with force. "Sora!" A voice called out. Sora opened his now swollen eyes and saw Kairi looking up to him. This gave Sora the strength he needed. He stood up and grabbed the weapon in Riku's arms and threw it down. He picked up Riku by his shirt collar and dangled him over the castle. "No! Please! Don't hurt me! Please! I'll do anything!" Begged Riku. Sora tightened his grip on Riku but then his eyes that were full of hate toward this man slowly became filled with sorrow. He threw Riku down to the ground. "Get out." Was all Sora said to the now frightened Riku. "Sora, your all right!" Kairi yelled to him, from his balcony. "Kairi." Sora said gently as he dug his claws into the side of the castle so he could climb to her. He was about to grab her hand that was thrown out to him but was stopped by Riku's knife being stabbed into his side. Sora growled with pain as Riku pushed it i deeper and twisted it before he pulled it out. Sora hit Riku off of him which made Riku lose his balance. Riku yelled loudly as he was sent tumbling off of the castle and off the cliff to face his doom.

Kairi made her way over to the now fading Sora. She touched his fuzzy cheek as he coughed painfully. "You, You came back." Sora managed to say. "Of Course I did, I coulden't leave you. Now don't worry you'll be alright." Kairi said sadly as his paw touched her cheek. She held it there as she cried into it. He smiled one last smile at her before his beautiful, cobalt blue eyes closed infront of her. "No! No! You can't leave me!" Kairi yelled. "I love you." She said gently. As she began to cry onto his furry body, the last petal on the rose fell to the table.

She continued to cry not noticing the colorful sparkes that where surrounding her as they fell from the sky. She looked up with tears in her eyes as she watched the objects hit the balcony of the castle. Just then the beast she had been crying on slowly floated into the air. She backed away and watched in fear as his body began to glow. Slowly she saw his large paws turn into hands and his long fur turn into skin. He slowly was placed back onto the castle balcony. Kairi watched as the figure began to stand to his feet. She now did not see the body of a beast before her, but the body of a man. He slowly turned around to her revealing a spikey-haired brunette man with tan skin and muscles all about his body. "Kairi, Kairi it's me, Sora!" He spoke happily. Kairi walked up to him as he wrapped his arms around her. She looked into his eyes. They were the same cobalt blue color they had always been. "It is you!" Kairi screamed as she hugged him. Cloud, Leon, Aerith, and Tidus hopped onto the balcony. They slowly began turning into their original selvs also. Cloud was a blonde spikey-haired man with blue-green eyes. Leon had long brunette hair with hazel colored eyes. Aerith was a brunette women with lime green eyes. And Tidus was a little boy with dirty blonde hair and lime green eyes also. Kairi smiled amongst the new looking friends she had made with her stay in the castle.

Sora looked at Kairi and Kairi looked at him as they entered the ballroom with thousands of quests. Sora triumphantly put his hand on Kairi's side and laced his hand with hers as they began to dance. Reno watched his daughter with teary eyes as he stood beside Aerith and Tidus. "Hey Mama, do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?" Tidus asked with a scrunched up face. Reno just laughed. "Look!" Yelled Cloud as he pointed toward Kairi and Sora. Kairi moved her head closer and kissed Sora's lips and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. They were both smiling during their kiss. "Thats so sweet!" Leon said as he started crying. "It's ok." Cloud said as he patted Leon's back. Leon just shood him away. Everyone watched with teary eyes a Kairi and Sora continued to kiss. For you see love can withstand anything, even appearance.

The End

Written by: Brittney Hughes
Fanfic: SoraXKairi
Inspired by: Disney's Beauty and the Beast
This is my 2nd Kingdom Hearts SoraxKairi fanfic. This is something new I'm gonna start doing. I'm gonna start re-writing Disney stories with Kingdom Hearts characers. It will be of course Sora and Kairi. So if you don't like them as a couple , then it's not 4 u. I really like this story so please comment so i'll know if this is a good idea. You can inspire me to go on. lol
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